Silence Rug Rectangular 160×240


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In stock

The Silence rug was first presented as a rather crude homemade prototype at the famous Salone Satellite in Milan, 2004. A refined model was presented in Milan the next year, for the first time featuring the reflective thread that adds the snow-like sparkle to the rug.

Later, the Silence rug has been featured at numerous international design shows, including 100% Norway 2007in London and 100% Design in Tokyo, 2008.

Together with the JD Grass and JD Mud rugs, the Silence rug was one of the first 3 products to be released commercially in the stories by permafrost collection.

Ø1600 mm x H30mm

Materials, pile:
99.5% New Zealand virgin wool, 0.5% reflective foil

Material, backing:

100% cottonFree, worldwide shipping included!

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