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Permafrost is an award winning industrial design studio based in Oslo, Norway. Founded in 2000, we have been serving clients from all over the world for more than two decades.

Permafrost’s ultimate goal is to create timeless, ever-lasting products the users will love and take care of. As a result, our work is all about designs that are user-friendly, simple and safe, with just enough personality to make them stand out.

  • The Wilfa Joy(2023) project includes a single and a double waffle maker sharing a common design idea.
    Our goal was to create a pair of pleasantly simple, foolproof products that are intuitive in their use and easy to operate, delivering perfectly golden waffles every time.
    As part of a larger collaboration, our job has been to build a unifying design language that can be applied in multiple categories as the brand’s design evolves.

 Wilfa Joy waffle maker

  • Luxo Frø is a system of light pendants built on a common, powerful light engine.
    The engine is equipped with one of three distinctive light diffusors to create different lighting functions, allowing for a wide range of lighting designs.

    The diffusors may also be used as individual pendants in their own right. An extension of the Luxo Nordic Collection, the diffusors’ design language is made up of clean, geometric silhouettes with carefully crafted details. The Luxo Frø pendants are all suspended directly from their power cords, making for quick and convenient installation.

Luxo Nordic Collection V2 pendant lamps

  • The Wilfa Compact Coffee Maker (2023) is crafted for the discerning coffee enthusiast, this sleek appliance not only elevates the kitchen aesthetic but also promises an unparalleled brewing experience.
    Its intuitive interface ensures a user-friendly operation, while the compact size makes it a perfect fit for any space, large or small. Engineered with precision, the Wilfa Compact Coffee Maker delivers a consistent flavor profile, ensuring each cup of coffee is as perfect as the last.
    As part of a larger collaboration, our job has been to build a unifying design language that can be applied in multiple categories as the brand’s design evolves.

 Wilfa Performance Compact Coffee maker

  • Luxo Adapt is a flexible and user-friendly family of freestanding luminaires for the office. 

    At the core of the collection is a precisely sculpted pole that can be fitted with one of seven different head options, and equipped with a range of different sensors and controls.

Luxo Adapt freestanding luminaires

  • Permafrost has completed a 400m2 brand experience center for Chinese EV brand Voyah in downtown Oslo. Based on the concept of exploration, the floor plan is laid out as topographic contours on a map, creating a stylized, synthetic landscape. Visitors climb the ascending terrain, with different experiences on each level.

 Voyah brand experience center

  • The World Cup Pro (2022) is the first design in a new generation of Gaitline sneaker built around the IgnitePRO midsole material. The new, ultralight foam offers improved responsiveness and cushioning, allowing us to design sneakers with a new, superior level of comfort.

 Gaitline World Cup Pro high tech sneakers

  • The Wilfa Smooth mix(2022) is the first product to emerge from our ongoing work with Norwegian kitchen appliance manufacturer Wilfa.
    Focusing on ergonomics as well as aesthetics, this clean and simple hand mixer features a soft, comfortable grip that balances perfectly in the user’s hand.
    As part of a larger collaboration, our job has been to build a unifying design language that can be applied in multiple categories as the brand’s design evolves.

 Wilfa Smooth Mix hand mixer

  • Luxo Motus (2020) is a family of task lights. At the core of the collection is a highly advanced desk light, featuring limitless movement and Luxo’s unique asymmetric light output.

    Our involvement in the project has focused on the aesthetic qualities of Motus, through the repeated refinement of shape and curves. The results are friendly forms that invite the user to touch and feel the products. The unified design language makes it easy to combine several Motus luminaires in one lighting solution.


 Luxo Motus task light family

  • The Luxo Nordic Collection (2020) is a series of decorative pendants built around an advanced core of light, equipped with professional LED light sources and drivers that outperform most competing products in the decorative lighting category.

    The collection is grouped into three distinct product families, covering a wide range of lighting needs from directed light to scattered public light.

 Luxo Nordic Collection pendant lamps

  • KAOS Endeløs (2019) is a modular wall bar system for children. The basic configuration is a vertical climbing wall, where children can play and exercise as soon as they are old enough to climb on their own.

    A collection of accessories expands the functionality of the system, and extends its life span. Canvas bookshelves and toy bags transform the wall bars into practical storage space, while the click-on desktop creates a space-saving desk for school children.

 Kaos Endeløs modular wall bars

  • We have developed a family of display modules for Norwegian jewellery and fashion brand Tom Wood. The modules are cast from a mineral composite, with the weight and feel of natural stone.

    With gentle curves and carefully shaped platforms, the modules are designed to accentuate and elevate the precious objects on display.

 Tom Wood display modules for jewellery

  • With Stressless Sam and Stressless Scott (2020), Permafrost has helped Norwegian furniture manufacturer Ekornes move into the future with their most innovative Stressless recliners to date.

    In addition to the comfort and features that have made Stressless a world-famous brand, Sam and Scott are both equipped with motorized controls and optional heating and light massage.

Stressless Sam & Stressless Scott reclining chairs

  • Our ongoing collaboration with Norwegian footwear brand Gaitline has resulted in a wide range of models and styles.

    Although developed for various seasons and different user scenarios, the Gaitline shoes all feature an advanced, patented sole developed to balance, align and stimulate your entire body.

 Gaitline footwear

  • The Stokke Clikk high chair (2019) is the result of a comprehensive and highly user-centric design process. A strong focus on ergonomics coupled with uncompromising attention to detail has resulted in a simple, modern and attractive chair with extraordinary ease of use. 

 Stokke Clikk high chair

  • The Sodapop (2019) concept is an invention for a compact, portable bluetooth speaker that offers louder music, improved bass and an overall superior sound. The concept makes use of a plastic bottle to increase the physical volume of the speaker enclosure, thereby improving the quality of the sound output.

    The bass enhancing bottle also serves as the packaging and carrying case for the speaker.

 Sodapop bluetooth speaker

  • The Stokke Beat (2019) is a lightweight, agile and practical baby stroller developed for urban environments.

 Stokke Beat baby stroller

  • Permafrost has created a collection of electronic and digital devices for Japanese retail brand Miniso. The range includes headphones and earphones, memory sticks, a desk lamp, a fan and a portable Bluetooth loudspeaker.

    The various products are all designed to be playful, happy and accessible, matching Miniso’s ethos of affordable quality products for everyday use.

Permafrost X Miniso consumer electronics

  • The Leaf chair (2017) for Stordal Furniture is a small and neat recliner offering excellent ergonomics through a patented synchronized tilting movement.

    The carefully crafted chair is soft and embracing, while at the same time sharply defined in its shape.

 Stordal Leaf reclining chair

  • The Cisco Spark Board (2017) is a simple, all-in-one device that works as a digital white-board, a wireless presentation screen, and a video- conferencing system.

    As part of the industrial design team, we have designed the floor stands and the wall stands, offering the options of having the display free-standing or leaning against the wall.

 Cisco Spark Board collaboration and meeting tool

  • Updating the classic Varier Move by Per Øie (1985) in 2017, we created a new aluminium base bracket, a user-friendly adjustment handle, a movement tracker and a new colour scheme.

 Varier Move balancing chair redesign

  • The Jordan Clinic (2015) is an ergonomically perfected interdental brush, with colour-coded grips that signify five different brush sizes.

    Although probably the smallest object we’ve ever designed, it was a full-sized project getting it right. Extensive modelling, prototyping and testing was necessary to achieve the best grip possible.

 Jordan Clinic interdental brush

  • Stokke Steps (2014) is an ingenious all-in-one seating system giving children active comfort and the freedom to move within the safest of surroundings from birth.

    This simple-to-use modular system offers a wide range of ergonomic seating, from a bouncer with unique cradling motion, to a functional high chair and later, a versatile chair that can be used throughout childhood.

 Stokke Steps seating system for kids

  • This project started as a contribution to an invitational design exhibition in Oslo in 2015 called 100 SERIE. A series of 100 individually numbered wooden toy cars were designed and produced for the exhibition.

    In 2016 the 100 Racer was relaunched in a version without the individual numbering.

100 Racer wooden toy car

  • This extra-large, premium baby stroller was launched as Stokke Crusi in 2012, and was rebranded as Stokke Trailz in 2017 after a design update that included the addition of air-filled wheels.

Stokke Crusi/Stokke Trailz  baby stroller

  • Stokke Scoot (2012) is a smaller, lightweight baby stroller, offering a reversible seat, a compact, collapsible chassis and easy, user-friendly handling.

 Stokke Scoot baby stroller

  • Our foray into wooden toys began with the Offshore set in 2012, created for the New Nordic – Architecture and Identity exhibition at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, reflecting on Nordic identity in relation to our own cultural profession.

    Later, the collection was expanded with the Archipelago and Shipping sets, both of which were first presented at the 10th anniversary 100% Norway exhibition during the London Design Festival in 2013.

Offshore, Archipelago & Shipping wooden toys

  • The colourful Nordic Grip Wets (2013) are waterproof, warm, and provide grip on ice without spikes.

    The boots have and insulated, soft and comfortable lining, and an outer waterproof layer. The sole features patented technology that creates a safe grip on ice and slippery surfaces, without the use of spikes.

Nordic Grip Wets insulated rubber boots

  • Arctic Silver is a Norwegian fly fishing brand, developing high tech products with several patented features.

    Permafrost has been responsible for all the product design and engineering in Arctic Silver’s rods and reels. Our main focus has been creating user-friendly, easy-to-handle equipment with a clearly recognizable, iconic silhouette.

 Arctic Silver fly fishing rod and reel

  • The BazookaGoal (2011) is the world’s most compact solid frame folding goal. Its patented construction includes a pair of heavy-duty coil springs, allowing the goal to flex with seemingly careless ease when the ball hits the crossbar.

    Our involvement in the projects extends from designing and engineering the iconic product itself to sorting out the logo and visual identity.

Bazookagoal foldable mini goal

  • The Level lamp was a collaboration between Permafrost and Norwegian furniture designer Petter Knudsen. The project was initiated in 2010 as part of an exhibition for the biannual design conference Beyond Risør in the coastal town of Risør, Norway.


Level lamp prototype

  • This project included designing the entire brand identity for AQ New Norwegian Aquavit, as well as developing the branding strategy and packaging for their entire range of spirits.

    The first product release, XQ Extra Fine Aquavit, was the first ever aquavit to be matured in cognac casks.

 Aq New Norwegian Aquavit branding and packaging


    The Sole Service X Adidas sneaker (2009) is a remake of the classic Adidas Oslo model from the 70s, and features a waterproof nubuck upper, interchangeable laces and a warm, felt-like lining.

    In Oslo, the limited edition of 150 pairs flew off the shelves in just two days.

 Sole Service X Adidas limited edition sneaker

  • The Silence rug was first presented as a rather crude homemade prototype at the famous Salone Satellite in Milan, 2004. A refined model was presented in Milan the following year. Later, the Silence rug has been featured at numerous international design shows, including 100% Norway in London, 2007 and 100% Design in Tokyo, 2008.

    The JD Grass rug was part of Permafrost’s show in the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2005. Later the same year, the rug was presented at the Salone Satellite show in Milan. Subsequent displays include the ICFF in New York, 2008 and 100% Norway in Stockholm, 2010.

    The Giant Leap rug was released in 2009 to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing of 1969.

Stories by Permafrost collection of rugs

  • The BBQ chair was designed for our exhibition at the Salone Satellite show in Milan, 2005. However, the technically challenging prototype wasn’t completed until 2007.

    The BBQ chair was nominated for the Forum AID Award in 2008, a Nordic architecture and design award given annually by the Swedish magazine Forum AID.

BBQ chair prototype

  • The Fjord knife (2004), manufactured by traditional Norwegian knife makers Brusletto, is designed with the specific intention of being safe and user-friendly.

    It features a solid mahogany handle that has been serrated for a secure grip, and a safety strap to prevent the knife from accidentally being dropped.

 Brusletto Fjord touring knife

Permafrost is a Norwegian design studio founded by four industrial designers, all class-mates and graduates from the Oslo School of Architecture. Andreas Murray, Eivind Halseth, Oskar Johansen and Tore Vinje Brustad founded the company while finishing their design school diplomas, and started Permafrost on January 1st, 2000.

More than two decades of conceptual and inventive design has seen Permafrost collaborate with clients from all over the world.

Permafrost has been exhibiting products and concepts in international design shows since 2001, including Designers Block in London, Salone Satellite in Milan, Green House in Stockholm, ICFF in New York, 100% Norway in London, 100% Norway in Stockholm and 100% Design in Tokyo.

Notable awards include the Norwegian Design Council’s ‘Talent of the Year’ award twice, the Norwegian ‘Award for Design Excellence’ and the prestigious Red Dot: Best of the Best award on four separate occasions.


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